Before Boarding

 Arrive at the boarding point 5 minutes before departure time

Be sure to arrive to the boarding point at least 5 minutes prior to your boarding time after receiving  your tickets. Please be sure to queue within the blue line next to  the gate as it is located on a shared bike path.

 Inform the staff if you require a parking pass

You may park at the Busan Cinema Center for 2 hours  free of charge. Please inform the staff upon ticketing to receive a parking pass.

 Enjoy free snacks and drinks in the yacht

Complimentary snacks, water (always) and hot tea (winter season only) can be found in the yacht. Please feel free to help yourself. For other beverages or coffee, please use the kiosk to the left of the ticket counter.

 Tour Course

Our tour starts from the Suyeong River, passes by Marine City, enters the harbor of the Gwangan Bridge, and returns to the Suyeong River. It takes about 55 minutes. Our tour starts every hour.

Tour Course


From the sunset tour until the final tour of the

evening, guests can enjoy the fireworks show, given there is no heavy rain. (Weather permitting)

Precautions during tour 

Take care of the kids during the tour

Please accompany your child at all times during the tour.

Throw away trash in the trash bin

After eating snacks and drinks that are provided free of charge,

make sure to throw trash in the trash bin.


Safety precautions

Make your way down to the main deck prior to passage the Suyeong Bridge

the bridge with dolphin figures, please be sure to exit the upper deck and make your way down to the main deck prior to passage.

 Life jackets are not a must

According to official guidelines, wearing a 

life jacket is not

compulsory, but if you would like to wear one, please tell the staff.

 Do not touch the helm station

Please note that handling of the helm stations 

located on the main and upper deck is 

absolutely prohibited. In the case of mishandling, 

repair fees will be charged.